Guide of Villa Gesell, Argentine Atlantic Coast

Guide of Villa Gesell, Argentine Atlantic Coast

Villa Gesell Argentine, Atlantic Coast

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Villa Gesell, was founded in 1931 by Carlos Gesell Idaho, is located about 410 kilometers from the Federal Capital and is one of the most important resorts, has 62km of beaches, the Atlantic Coast and Argentina in recent years recorded the highest growth .

On the avenue 3 is offering great business hotel comprising more than 200 hotels, which in summer season is often overwhelmed.

Sea, pine forests and dunes that make up the landscape dominates the spa chosen mostly by young people around the country, they find their beaches in contact with nature, adventure and fun.

The large number of green spaces make in the summer season reach large numbers of tourists in search of tranquillity and landscapes offered by the place. But the city also has an intense nightlife, which extends from its center to the outskirts of the resort place where the large nocturnal prepared to receive large numbers of people.

Villa Gesell also has a Cultural and Forest Reserve.

In the dunes characteristic of the area you can play sports like jet skiing, sport fishing, Sandboard, windsurfing, hiking in 4x4 and four complete range of this safe and fun spa.

Center, Pier, Craft Fair, Amphitheatre, Barrio Norte (villa district of leaving the light brick, wood and stone), Cultural Park Pinar del Norte (forest reserve with 14 hectares), Park Zootematico, Museum and Archives Municipal.

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Latest Rental Apartments and Property Lettings in Villa Gesell

House 108 Villa Gesell
Apartment Av 1 Villa Gesell
Apartment Av 1 Villa Gesell...- Our apartments are located 50 meters from the sea, 100 meters from the Avenue 3 (av. principal of Villa Gesell) and 3 blocks from the pedestrian. built with quality materials and equipped with the n...

House villa gesell Villa Gesell...- Gesell house is rented for 12 months to 700 pesos per month but you pay the year upfront rental conditions 12 months in advance and cost 2000 pesos commission agreement is signed eviction...
House villa gesell Villa Gesell

Latest Apartments and Properties For Sale and To Buy in Villa Gesell

House 131 Villa Gesell...- Ideal inverter 5 home sold in horizontal block in warren half block south of the sea, the 5 houses are 3 main rooms with 2 bedrooms are furnished to you rent, missing arrangements. the ground is 640...
House 131 Villa Gesell
Duplex Av. 4 Villa Gesell
Duplex Av. 4 Villa Gesell...- for sale or exchange by warren duplex apartment in the area (near the lift, 3) up to 60% of low valor.planta: parking space / garage for two auots, living room, kitchen, toilet, garden, patio , laun...

Duplex Av. 4 Villa Gesell...- duplex for sale four blocks south of the sea. ground floor: kitchen, living-dining room laundry room, patio, deck parquecochera, cerrrada for two cars. Upstairs: two bedrooms cplto bathroom. balcony...
Duplex Av. 4 Villa Gesell
Chalet Paseo 127 e/ Av. 1 y 2 Villa Gesell
Chalet Paseo 127 e/ Av. 1 y 2 Villa Gesell...- triplex in Villa Gesell - location: walk 127 e / Avenue 1 and 2 rooms: 4 Description: p / b: living room - bathroom-kitchen? patio. p / a: bedroom with window to the street side - bedroom with windo...

House Alameda Villa Gesell...- very nice villa with spacious park. Lot of 15 x 53. room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, servant quarters, garage with storage, barbecue. located 100 meters from the sea....
House Alameda Villa Gesell
Apartment Calle 146 e/1 y Playa Villa Gesell
Apartment Calle 146 e/1 y Playa Villa Gesell...- home in small complex. 1 block from the beach. parking space / garage, patio and barbeque. Very quiet beach, ideal for families with small children. 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen. 1 bathroom. 2 t...

Town House 309 Villa Gesell...- apróxamadamente house cabin in northern warren, residential district, four blocks from the sea, has saved space cars, barbeque, patio, garden sea shower, living room, breakfast kitchen, loft, two be...
Town House 309 Villa Gesell
Apartment Avenida 1 Villa Gesell
Apartment Avenida 1 Villa Gesell...- for sale in Villa Gesell. 2 bedroom apartment with ocean views from all main rooms. The sale price includes parking space / garage deck bp. furnished and equipped for 6 people. 54 m2. forward in bui...