Guide of Pinamar, Argentine Atlantic Coast

Guide of Pinamar, Argentine Atlantic Coast

Pinamar Argentine, Atlantic Coast

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Pinamar, is located in the province of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Sea coast to 359 kilometres south of Buenos Aires, is part of the district of the same name near the towns of Ostend, Valeria del Mar and Carillo.

It is the city is the head of his party, is a quiet and elegant town, which used to receive holidaymakers from the upper class Buenos Aires, but today is a city open to tourism in general.

It has wide beaches and landscapes of great beauty with natural dunes that give a climate different result of afforestation.

The streets have ripples throughout their journey and are surrounded by large number of pines, eucalyptus, cypress, etc..

There are casualties but there are also residences multipisos buildings with shopping malls, but in all cases it can be noticed style and a very unique city design.

The beaches of Pinamar are between 100 and 200 meters wide, this stretch for 30 kilometres and its resorts have all the services.

With regard to activities that can be practiced, are diverse, there are fishing boats, volleyball, soccer, surfing, wakeboard, windsurfing, jet skiing, you can also rent bikes, make sanboard, etc..

The nightlife of Pinamar offers diversity in restaurants, pubs, clubs, bingo hall and even a casino.

Sights: Church of Our Lady Peace, Municipal Theatre de la Torre, Equestrian Centre, Bar Eye of Art, La Herradura, and so on.

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Apartment Del Valle Fertil Pinamar...- Owner without commission. apartment 2 main rooms recently renovated and furnished / equipped. located in the fertile valley 900 Street (close to golf). very wooded setting. super quiet area! all abs...
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House DEL JILGERO Pinamar...- Beautiful house with 5 en suite Hurry and one service, room kitchen. dining room, three bathrooms, parking space / garage and garage deck, barbecue area with barbeque and park are fully furnished 27...
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House LOS ALAMOS Pinamar...- poplars and house / nautilus and frigate victoria 4 bedrooms, 2 en suite (all bedrooms with wardrobes and air conditioning), 5 bathrooms (recycled again), reception toailette living (with fireplace)...