Guide of Mar de Cobo, Argentine Atlantic Coast

Guide of Mar de Cobo, Argentine Atlantic Coast

Guide to Mar de Cobo Argentina, Atlantic Coast

The resort Mar de Cobo is one of the most popular resorts in the district of Mar Chiquita, the other neighborhoods that are also populate in the district are Lake Park, The Beacon and La Caleta.
Coast Park Lake (Costa del Lago) or Lake Park (Parque Lago) contains an artificial lake that receives its flow of water through a rain fed channel carrying the excess water from the fields to the artificial lake.
This lake is suitable for fishing and according to reports fishermen have obtained eals and large-sized catfish of good size and weight. The Park "The Beacon" is named after the navy beacon that was built by the Argentine Navy in 1932. It was originally named "Beacon of Balneario Parque Mar Chiquita", and constructed of wood the first Light Beacon was battery powered.
In 1970, the beacon was rebuilt with an iron and concrete frame and an electric lamp properly installed. The beacon is a warning to all boaters to avoid the rocks of the region. Unfortunately, the beacon was demolished in 2009 for safety reasons and then rebuilt once again as a tower.

The town of Mar de Cobo is located 478 kilometers along the Interbalnearia Route 11 and consists of an area of 300 hectares on the "San Manuel" estate, originally belonging to the Ugarteche family Anchorena. It was founded in 1949.
Access from Route 11 is through the Avenida Manuel José Cobo, that crosses the town and then goes onto the sea.

The company in charge of the subdivision and urbanization of the district was the Cia. Mar de Cobo Urbanizaroda SA, it acquired the property in 1949.

Everything related to social services is carried out through the Development Society founded in 1973, from the first telephone system, as well as postal, courier and some other local services. Today it has its own buffet, offices and event venues.

Mar de Cobo also has mains electricity, telephony service, intercity bus service, TV cable, restaurants and permanent residences.

Elementary School No. 21 of Mar de Cobo was opened in 1954 and bears the name of Esteban Echeverría. SecundariaESB School No. 6 was founded in 2006. It also has a kindergarten, the No. 906.

The Accident and Emergency - First Aid clinic "Eva Peron" was inaugurated in 2007, to provide for the health needs of the community and is run by a group of professionals with a vocation for service to the community.

After persevering through the years and thanks to the constancy of the faithful, in August 15, 1988 the Chapel Our Lady of the Rosary was inaugarated.

In January in Mar de Cobo there are several festivals such as "Week of the Sea", "The Carnaval of Mar de Cobo" and recently the "Feast of Coastal Lamb".
The big attractions that accompany these festivals include music celebrities and artists. Competitions are organized for different sports (soccer and volleyball) and also populate dances. Artisans and traders take advantage of the site show their local produce stands. Also at this time the "Queen of Coastal Lamb" is chosen.

The beaches of Mar de Cobo have all the services suitable for a comfortable holiday stay such as bars, restaurants and for the safety of bathers, lifeguards!
There are many activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, bird watching, fishing, ATV, sandboarding and various others.
The spa has a large and remarkable wood (poplar, pine, elm, cypress and Lambercier) which in turn is home to numerous species of bird and a backdrop that gives the town a unique feel.
In addition to there are many blackberry bushes, which are used for many local dishes
In the summer, the range of shops bars, restaurants and bazaars handmade souvenirs and food products increases considerably, there are also video game arcades for children.

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